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Affordable and Equitable Implementation

The Ralph S. O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute’s success will be possible only if the technological advances it helps generate can be translated into radical change and real-world action. Thus, its research will be integrated with a focus on policy solutions, regulations, market incentives, outreach programs, and partnerships with energy policy-makers, industry, public utilities, federal agencies, and national labs. These efforts will support turning the innovations coming from our labs into implementable, affordable solutions that benefit the world.

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ROSEI Affordable and Equitable Implementation
Affiliated Researchers

Benjamin F. HobbsLeadership Council, Theodore M. and Kay W. Schad Professor of Environmental Management Department of Environmental Health and EngineeringEHE
Benjamin W. SchaferDirector, Willard and Lillian Hackerman Professor of Civil and Systems EngineeringCaSE
Greg FalcoAssistant ProfessorCaSE
Johannes UrpelainenLeadership Council, Director and Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment, Director of the Initiative for Sustainable Energy PolicyEnergy, Resources, and Environment (SAIS)
Jonas NahmAssistant Professor of Energy, Resources, and EnvironmentEnergy, Resources, and Environment (SAIS)
Matthew KahnBloomberg Distinguished ProfessorEconomics (KSAS)
Maxim BichuchAssistant ProfessorAMS
Paul FerraroBloomberg Distinguished ProfessorEHE
Peter WinchProfessorInternational Health (JHBSPH)
Rachel SangreeSenior LecturerCaSE
Sarah JordaanAssistant ProfessorEnergy, Resources, and Environment (SAIS)
Susanna ThonLeadership Council, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringECE