Directions (R House)

Entrance to R House office spaces

Headquarters for the Ralph O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute (ROSEI) are located at the second floor offices of Fast Forward at R House, a food hall in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore that features 10 different, locally-owned stalls. It is a mere eight minute walk from the visitor center (Mason Hall) on the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus. If you go to R House for lunch, don’t hesitate to head up to the second floor and say hi!

ROSEI’s Address: 301 W. 29th Street, Suite 2003, Baltimore, MD 21211

ROSEI’s Office in R House: Our offices are accessible through the side door next to R House’s main parking lot, which is around the left side of the building if you’re facing it from the front. Go through the side door with “Offices” above it and take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. Suite 2003 is the fifth door on the right of the hallway.

Walking Instructions from Mason Hall:

  • Take a left out of the south entrance of Mason Hall and walk along the S Gate Circle to Wyman Park Dr.
  • Take a left at Wyman Park Dr. and walk until the street ends at Art Museum Dr.
  • Take a right at Art Museum Dr. and walk to the first traffic light, which has W. 29th St. as a cross street.
  • Take a right at the intersection and walk two blocks. R House will be on your left.

Parking Instructions: If you are driving to visit us, we suggest parking in the R House overflow lot that is cattycorner from R House across W. 29th St. It’s shared with the Baltimore Police Department, and free to park there.

Any further questions about visiting ROSEI can be directed to [email protected].