The Ralph O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute (ROSEI) utilizes a logo and tagline. The logo is the official one provided by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and has six different versions: Vertical blue, black, and white, and horizontal blue, black, and white. ROSEI’s tagline, which was developed with help from the Advocom Group, is “Energy at Hopkins.” There are also different versions of the tagline, including stacked and horizontal in blue and white. You can find downloadable files for both the logo and tagline below. Click on the file to open it, and then right click and select the “Save Image As” option to download.

ROSEI’s main colors are in line with JHU’s branding. The institute utilizes the university’s heritage blue (R0 G45 B114) as its primary color, as well as its orange (R255 G105 B0) and red (R207 G69 B32) accent colors.

If you have any questions about ROSEI’s branding or would like to use ROSEI’s logo in your work please email [email protected].

ROSEI Logo Files
ROSEI Tagline Files