Charles Meneveau

Louis M. Sardella Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Charles Meneveau, the Louis M. Sardella Professor in Mechanical Engineering and associate director of the Institute for Data-Intensive Science and Engineering (IDIES), is an expert in the multiscale aspects of turbulence, large-eddy simulations, and wind farm fluid dynamics.

He employs computational and theoretical tools for his research and pursues subgrid-scale modeling, downscaling methods, fractal geometry, and their applications to large eddy simulation (LES). Research advances were made possible by elucidating the properties of the small-scale motions in turbulent flows and applying the new insights to the development of advanced subgrid-scale models, such as the Lagrangian dynamic model. This model has been implemented in various research and open-source CFD codes (e.g. OpenFoam) and expanded the applicability of LES to complex-geometry flows of engineering and environmental interest, where prior models could not be used. Current LES research is focused on improving wall models and subgrid-scale models for velocity gradients which is of interest to some turbulent multiphase flows.


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