Jeffrey Maranchi

Leadership Council, Research Program Area Manager

Applied Physics Lab

Jeffrey Maranchi is the research program area manager and acting program manager for Signature, Electromagnetics, and Energy Research in APL’s Research and Exploratory Development Mission Area. In this capacity, he oversees technical aspects of programs spanning applied materials science, nanostructured materials for energy, applied optoelectronic devices, nanostructured materials for optical/structural applications, applied biology, applied physics, applied chemistry, microfabrication, and energy storage and energy conversion devices and applications. He is a materials scientist with expertise in metals, semiconductors, ceramics, nanomaterials, nanocomposites, and thin films/coatings synthesis and characterization. Dr. Maranchi’s expertise also comprises optoelectronic sensor development, energetic particle (e.g., neutron) sensor development, lithium-ion battery research and development, and thermophotovoltaic energy conversion device development.


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