offshore wind turbines on ocean

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the key to making the most immediate impact on our greenhouse gas emission and meeting our energy needs. Today, solar and wind installations account for 11% of energy consumption in the U.S. and have the potential to reach 30% in this decade. We aim to enable a future where, by 2050, 100% of energy for electricity will come from renewable sources. This will require intensive research efforts and advances in knowledge, as well as overcoming challenges in production, storage, transmission, and distribution across scales never before attempted—all of which the Ralph S. O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute is positioned to lead.

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ROSEI Renewable Energy
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Art BraggAssociate ProfessorChemistry
Benjamin F. HobbsLeadership Council, Theodore M. and Kay W. Schad Professor of Environmental Management Department of Environmental Health and EngineeringEnvironmental Health and Engineering
Benjamin W. SchaferDirector, Willard and Lillian Hackerman Professor of Civil and Systems EngineeringCivil and Systems Engineering
Bruce MarshProfessor Emeritus and Academy ProfessorEarth and Planetary Sciences
Chao WangLeadership Council, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular EngineeringChemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Charles MeneveauLouis M. Sardella ProfessorMechanical Engineering
Dennice F. GaymeLeadership Council, Carol Croft Linde Faculty ScholarMechanical Engineering
Enrique MalladaAssistant ProfessorElectrical and Computer Engineering
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Greg FalcoAssistant ProfessorCivil and Systems Engineering
Gretar TryggvasonCharles A. Miller Jr. Distinguished Professor and Department HeadMechanical Engineering
James GuestAssociate ProfessorCivil and Systems Engineering
James WestProfessorElectrical and Computer Engineering
Jeffrey MaranchiGroup SupervisorApplied Physics Laboratory
Joseph KatzWilliam F. Ward Sr. Distinguished ProfessorMechanical Engineering
Maxim BichuchAssistant ProfessorApplied Mathematics and Statistics
Michael ShieldsAssociate ProfessorCivil and Systems Engineering
Michael TsapatsisBloomberg Distinguished ProfessorChemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Mingwei ChenProfessorMaterials Science and Engineering
Rajat MittalProfessorMechanical Engineering
Rebekka KlausenAssociate ProfessorChemistry
Rui NiAssistant ProfessorMechanical Engineering
Saman KarimiAssistant Research ScientistEarth and Planetary Sciences
Sara ThoiLeadership Council, Assistant Professor, Department of ChemistryChemistry
Somnath GhoshMichael G. Callas Chair ProfessorCivil and Systems Engineering
Sung Hoon KangAssociate ProfessorMechanical Engineering
Susanna ThonLeadership Council, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering
Tamer ZakiAssociate ProfessorMechanical Engineering
Thomas KempaAssistant ProfessorChemistry
Tyrel McQueenProfessorChemistry and Physics
Umesh KordeResearch ProfessorEnvironmental Health and Engineering