Researchers from the Ralph O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute (ROSEI) recently met with officials from the French government, who visited the Homewood campus to discuss research and set the stage for possible future collaborations.

The French contingent, which included Sylvie Retailleau, France’s minister of higher education and research, explored ROSEI’s research and mission in general, but were especially interested in exploring its work in sustainable energy and climate technology.

Most of the discussions took place during an environmental sciences and energy roundtable, which included Benjamin Schafer (director), Dennice Gayme (leadership council member), Marisa Hughes (affiliated researcher) and Benjamin Zaitchik (affiliated researcher).

“It was a lively discussion and one that gave us the opportunity to showcase what ROSEI has been working on to a high-profile group,” said Schafer, of the December 2 meeting. “It was a very fruitful sharing experience and fun to explain ROSEI and how far JHU has come in a short time in this area.”