The Ralph O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute (ROSEI) recently hosted a large contingent of graduate students at R House for lunch, as well as an open discussion and Q&A about how ROSEI can aid graduate students in their research and networking efforts.

The meeting, which had 20 attendees between those who were in person and virtual, also resulted in the creation of a Slack channel that ROSEI is hosting so that graduate students who are interested in sustainable energy can collaborate and communicate more quickly. Any graduate students who would like to join the Slack channel should contact [email protected].

“Meeting the graduate students that are making ROSEI’s research come to life was really fun and rewarding. What an impressive group of young engineers, natural and social scientists!” ROSEI Director Ben Schafer said. “Seeing the diversity of research perspectives and approaches was a great reminder of all that ROSEI is connecting for energy at Hopkins. We have a lot of work to do, and a great group of people to do that work with.”