Job Title: Sustainable Energy Course Development Intern

The Whiting School’s Center for Educational Outreach (CEO) and Ralph S. O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute (ROSEI) are teaming up to develop a new summer program for high school students interested in sustainable energy. The new program will launch in summer 2023. Dr. Claire VerHulst (Center for Educational Outreach) and Dr. Rachel Sangree (Civil and Systems Engineering)—the project leads—are looking for at least two motivated Hopkins students to provide support during curriculum development.

Interns should be available to work on campus between 120-320 hours total during the summer to:
1. Perform activities and projects associated with the new class and provide suggestions for improvement
2. Propose and engineer other activities or projects for the course
3. Review suggested readings and informational videos to rate their effectiveness
4. Identify additional resources for the classroom (print, audio, video, etc.)
5. Write questions for quizzes and populate a Canvas question bank
6. Propose discussion prompts
7. Make a list of all supplies needed for the course and estimate the total cost
8. Provide suggestions about ways to make the class more engaging and inclusive
9. Review course documents for spelling, grammar, formatting, and completeness

Hopkins interns will work collaboratively with two high school students to complete this work.

The job requires:
– Some demonstrated knowledge of renewable and sustainable energy
– An interest in teaching and learning
– Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
– Willingness and ability to complete child safety training and a background check in order to work with high school interns (who may be minors)

Preference will be given to students with prior knowledge of sustainable energy and/or experience developing hands-on educational projects.

Where and When

Homewood campus

Summer 2022 (4+ weeks between May 23 – August 26)

15 to 40 hours per week


To Apply
Apply via SMILE Search for Job Number 12278. Email [email protected] with any questions.