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ROSEI announces seed funding partnership

ROSEI provides seed funding throughs a partnership with the Provost’s office of research.

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ROSEI announces key research initiatives

ROSEI announces 5 key research initiatives, see here for full details.

The future of sustainable energy: a conversation with Ben Schafer

This story was written by Jess Ader and originally appeared in The Hub. Experts agree that the development of clean, renewable,...

Oil rig and wind turbine tower in same scene

How will big oil states handle the renewable energy transition?

Johns Hopkins researchers in the Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy (ISEP) at the School of Advanced International Studies have been awarded...

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Trying to catch the wind: Research project aims to make offshore wind farms more efficient, powerful

  • June 28, 2021
  • Wind

Ocean-based wind farms have the potential to meet 90% of the nation’s energy demands by 2050, but work must be done...

New Model More Accurately Predicts the Power of Wind Farms

The model could aid in the development of new wind farms or help optimize those already in use.